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Glass Creations
You've seen creations like these in gift shops for much, much more! These exquisitely crafted, multifaceted masterpieces glitter and sparkle as they catch and reflect light in a myriad of enchanting patterns.
Glass Creations

Spun Glass Santa Sleigh RideUS $11.97
Spun Glass Santa Sleigh Ride 25589 
Spun-glass Santa is out for a sleigh ride with his red- nosed pal, Rudolph! Santa, Rudolph and the ...
Reference No.25589

Glass EagleUS $7.97
Glass Eagle 28212 
A graceful, powerful eagle, captured here in glass on a simulated wood base.
Reference No.28212

Frosted Glass Dolphins On WaveUS $11.97
Frosted Glass Dolphins On Wave 29214 
Delicate frosted glass enhances the gracefulness of dolphins as they leap joyously upon shimmering waves.
Reference No.29214

Spun Glass Ship US $26.97
Spun Glass Ship  29495D 
Three-masted with gold-plated accompaniments, this spun-glass ship is ready for smooth sailing on a shimmering sea.
Reference No.29495

Rearing Unicorn Glass SculptreUS $8.97
Rearing Unicorn Glass Sculptre 29496 
Front hooves pawing the air, this glass unicorn with gold-plated accents is raring to go.
Reference No.29496

Unicorn Pegasus Glass SculptreUS $11.97
Unicorn Pegasus Glass Sculptre 29497 
Gold-plated horn, hooves and accents bedeck this unique offspring of a unicorn and Pegasus.
Reference No.29497

Spun Glass Castle SculptureUS $8.97
Spun Glass Castle Sculpture 29500 -Discontinued 
In delicate spun-glass, this castle with gold-plated details brings back thoughts of King Arthur and days of yore.
Reference No.29500


Ideal Items
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